Scholarship & Bursaries

Scholarship Book 2018-19– best attempts have been made to update this book with this year’s dates.  It is still best to check websites for the most recent information

**Scholarships and Bursaries will be posted as they become available.**



June 30th- Outstanding Young Farmers Scholarship Program– 1 award for a student directly from high school, 1 award for a student who has already completed 1 year of study.  Requirements and Application Process


July 4th– National Union of Public and General Employees Scholarships– must be a child, grandchild or foster child/grandchild of NUPGE employee.  6 different awards to apply to with varying requirements.  Requirements and Application Process

July 15th– Horatio Alger National Vocational & Technical Scholarship Program–  must be going to a technical school (like Holland College)- Requirements and Application Process


August 31st- SDU Bursary– $600 renewable for 3 years, any post secondary, must be Roman Catholic.  Requirements and Application Process